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Manufacturing process
Production technology
Major equipment

Press Section (Blanking Transfer Press)
The main process in the production of a bearing cage. At first stage, in a process called blanking, a round ring is being cut out of a steel coil. Then, in a process called transfer pressing, a proper cage is formed by pressing out from a blank.

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Rivet insertion
Rivet, which is a part of bearing-cage, is manufactured from a steel wire. Our company purchases rivets from subcontractors. The process of rivet insertion is implemented by specialized machines. The cage set is made of two identical cages joined by a rivet.

Washing – Anti-rust treatment
One of the crucial qualities required from a bearing cage is adequate cleanliness. After the full manufacturing process, cages are adequately washed and treated with anti-rusting agent in order to fulfill the cleanliness requirements.

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