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What is a bearing
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Bearings are basically a machine part which makes the rotary movement/ operation of the machine smooth and retains the pivot in which it rotates. “To bear” which is the root word of “bearing” means to hold or sustain. As a retainer of the rotating part of a machine during operation, its role is also to diminish the friction between various parts of the machine.
Whenever we put effort into moving an object, a contra-power is created, which opposes the power we implement and tries to keep the object in place. This opposite force is called frictional force, and appears between two adjacent objects, making the objects seem relatively heavy. However, if we put a ball underneath the object, the resistance force is becomes surprisingly small and the object can be moved with little effort. This is the function of a bearing.

The rice of industry
The modern generation has come to live with the civilization of machines. Everywhere where there is movement, bearing is indispensable. For example, in a typical car, there are about 100 bearings used. Also we find bearings in many home appliances like fridge or washing-machine, in big machines operating in factories, in the satellites traveling in universe. But of course, not only big dimension machines – the smallest bearings are applied in hard disks of computers, very precise bearings can be found in precision tools. Also, the high quality and efficiency of bearings is one of the reasons why many Japanese appliances are among the best quality products in the world.
Without bearing technology we are not able to describe the industry and the everyday life of contemporary people. That is why bearings are called the “rice of industry“.

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