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Company catchword

Be best!
Here and now, I want to do my best.
To realize my best potential, to always strive for improvement.
Our fundamental task is to manufacture, and contribute to society by manufacturing products.
*The aim of our company is the growth and happiness of all our staff, as well as contributing to local society, local business and industry

Basic idea
Create an enterprise with the future perspective.
Create an enterprise giving stability to its members.
Create an enterprise indispensable in the industrial world.
Create an enterprise beneficial to society.

Management policy

  1. Supply products of highest global level, maintaining the highest efficiency of production
  2. Aim to actively develop a supplier profile corresponding with the best global supplier image
  3. Strive to expand the TOHO brand name through the group strategy
  4. Finding “seeds & needs” for current and future business, integrate all resources to enhance the management base

Become a high efficiency enterprise through consolidated group strategy.

Quality policy

  • Supply products corresponding to the quality requirements of the customer,
  • Always strive to be a No 1 quality supplier, indispensable for the customer and the locality.
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